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Meet Our Professional Wedding Team

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Founded by FRANK, RAY and JESSE in 2014

Currently consists of eight happy friend

Our studio is located in Irvine, California, USA


Our Philosophy

We will do our best to provide the best quality and service, with our lens to record every important moment of the wedding.


We have more than 300 wedding shooting experience. With our experience, we can work in any situation. Rich shooting experience is a guarantee for quality.


We are a young team that focuses on innovation

Our shooting style is American fine art.

​and have our own unique shooting philosophies.


Wether it's communication in the lead-up to shooting.

Or team work during the wedding or post-image productions

We all agreeing on professionalism and proven team work is the key to a high-quality wedding.

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Founder, Director of Photography

-Frank is the founder of SHMILY Studios and a photographer with ten years of experience. Frank majored in architecture at the university, but he became more interested in photography and, after graduation, gave up his major to go to Beijing for further study. After many years settled in the United States, he continued to pursue his photographic dream. In his words: "Wedding photography in addition to the united picture, but also must give a sense of photo story!" "



Photographer, Cinematographer

-Jesse is a dreamer, with 6 years of experience, travel footprints throughout the United States, but also Chang a waiting for people are full of enthusiasm for the photographer, well received by everyone. Whether in photography or video control, he is very demanding of his own works, skilled, sharp perspective. Character is easy to meet but does not fail.




-Han graduated from UCI engineering major, although is a standard science student, but his talent, will electric piano, drum, violin, Ukriri 4 kinds of instruments, cheerful and humorous, very good at the wedding fixed machine scene shooting, most of the studio wonderful wedding splendour from his hand pen.




-Ethan is a young and humorous up-and-coming photographer who has been in the studio for more than 4 years. Born into an art family, he was keen on photography and painting from an early age. Solid photographic skills have helped him often capture the important moments of the wedding, and his constant inspiration and sharpness in fashion have given him great on-site creativity.。



Director of Cinematography

-Ray is a calm and enthusiastic cinematographer. All the video shooting and editing in the studio is his work, he directed the shooting style is natural, elegant, unique, the picture is delicate and warm, can always use the lens in hand, the best presentation of the essence of the event.

Our studio is located in the Irvine business center


Welcome to our studio for consultation.


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