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Turtle Rock Ridge Vineyard Winery


The Couple

Finding the one person you were meant to be with for the rest of your life is always a miracle, even if you grew up two houses from each other, but what if one you grew up in Illinois and the other in Australia?  Meet Larry & Lydia!  The ocean wasn’t large enough to keep these two apart. Don’t miss this beautiful story.

The wedding was held in a vineyard at San Diego. The place was filled with aromas from the vines and the sunset was so romantic and lovely.

The Place

The Story

From the bride:

“Larry and I met about 10 years ago on a tiny island in the Bahamas called Cat Cay. Our families often vacationed there but we’d didn’t cross paths until that summer when Brandon came up to me in Bu’s Bar (the only little bar on the island). He was attending Tulane University and I was still in high school but we decided to keep in touch and exchanged “AIM screen names”. Over the years we ran into each other on South Beach a few times but the timing never seemed right to date.

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